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Websites of Interest


This page will contain links to websites and pages of interest.

The website of the Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs.


The website of our merchandising partner, the Military Shop.


The website of the Australian Department of Defence.


This page located on the Defence website provides information on honours and decorations, Australian, Imperial and Foreign Awards, Policy (here you will find the order of wearing medals), general information on Awards, Application Forms and a comprehensive A-Z list of Awards their story and pictures of the medals.


A truly interesting site dedicated to the history of Australian military honours and awards.


The State Library of Victoria has a fantastic photographic database and includes National Service photographs from both schemes.


This website, complied by Vietnam-era National Serviceman, Ted Harris, of Brisbane, is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative on the web about Australian and New Zealand military history.  Anything you wish to know about the three Services, individual units, war histories, uniforms, insignia, medals, badges, equipment, weapons and much, much more is recorded and illustrated.  You will be fascinated.


This website belongs to the Australian National Archives.  The National Archives hold the service records of Australians who served in WWI and WWII.  Digitised copies of WWI records are available free online.  Other records can be located using the Record Search-Name Search facility.

The National Archives also has a great photographic database.


The Australian War Museum's website contains a wealth of online material and databases (art, photo, film, sound, military technology, private and official records just to name a few).


You may also access the Roll of Honour listing the names of Australia's war dead on the bronze panels at the War Memorial.  The database links to the panel location, any photographs and to digital images of the Roll of Honour Circulars (WWI, WWII, Korea).  The circulars were forms sent to next of kin seeking personal details of the deceased.


The Commonwealth War Grave Commission's website has an online Debt of Honour Register listing the details and place of burial of 1.7 million Commonwealth forces members who died in two world wars.


Scheyville Officers Training Unit Association
Website for our member association, the Scheyville Officers Training Unit Association.


Website for The Australian Air Defence Artillery Association.

Early Air Defence Artillery Units were manned by National Service personnel, and this Association caters for all eras of Anti Aircraft and Air Defence ex-Members.


The national website for the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia Inc.